The Islamic Online University's Intensive English Course seeks to make the learning of English globally accessible by utilizing a culturally sensitive approach that enables students to effectively master the fundamental skills of the language.


Since its conception in July 2013, the Intensive English Program has attracted great interest not only among people with Madrasah backgrounds but also among professionals desiring to upgrade their language skills, those who did not have the privilege of attending conventional schools, as well as English-medium senior school graduates wishing to re-sit their WAEC English language exams due to poor grades.


It is envisaged that the establishment of the IOU in The Gambia will boost the overall level of education, conventional or otherwise. The IOU’s Diplomas, BA and MA in Islamic studies and BEd offered in English and combined with modern disciplines like, Education, Psychology, Economics, Management, and Information Technology (IT), has the potential to absorb and effectively educate the graduates as well as conventional school graduates, firming their understanding of the authentic Islamic teachings and empowering them with modern conventional skills needed to constructively contribute to the building of the nation. The pilot regional Madrasahs are: Mahad Brikama, Mahad Tallinding, Mahad Imam Malic, and Mahad Tadamun. Registration remains open for students of all backgrounds at IOU’s main office.